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Media Advertising

Are you looking for some new ideas or will you just wear the same old marketing jacket you’ve worn for years? We use our creativity wisely to generate appealing ads which reach new customers.

Objective led Media Advertising will increase footfall, phone or online enquires. Our Free Media review will evaluate the best options for optimising your media exposure.


How Effective is Local Radio and TV Advertising in 2021?


Get in your car and turn on the radio.

Get home after a long day and turn on the TV.

Flick between channels when ad breaks come on.

You probably do all these things. It makes you wonder whether anyone pays attention to ads. After all, no one wants to watch them or hear them.

Streaming services have also spoilt us. We can now stream and listen to music ad-free and watch films and movies without any ads.

But every so often, an advert comes along on local radio or live TV that captures our imagination and speaks to an immediate need.

It could make you laugh out loud. You might shed a tear. Or it could get you on your phone looking to buy those sweet trainers you just saw.

This is the value of advertising: it evokes an emotional response.

People rely on their emotions when they make purchases and develop brand loyalty. It makes sense then for advertising to work providing people are listening - and local radio and TV have enormous audiences that are growing.

Local radio advertising

According to UK econometric analysis, radio produces £7.70 in revenue ROI for every pound spent. That’s a higher than 7 to 1 ratio.

With advertisers getting their money back nearly eight times over, allocating some of your marketing budgets to radio is a good idea.

This ROI is higher than the press (£5.80 revenue ROI for every pound spent). In fact, radio is the second most efficient medium for ROI after TV.

Local radio stations have specific demographics and cover a specific bandwidth, serving a particular area. An example is BBC Radio Leeds.

For local businesses, this provides a unique opportunity to target customers who are geographically qualified to be customers. For example, a DIY store in Leeds could get a radio ad on BBC Radio Leeds to promote a 50% off sale.

Radio advertising is typically charged at a rate of approximately £2 per thousand listeners at one time, but this can go higher.

TV advertising

According to UK econometric analysis, TV advertising produces £8.70 in revenue ROI for every pound spent. That’s a higher than 8 to 1 ratio.

This is higher than radio. In fact, it is the highest ROI of any advertising medium. This makes TV an incredibly lucrative advertising opportunity.

Like radio, TV has national and local channels. You can go for big hitters like Channel 4 and ITV or narrow down your viewership by appearing during Good Morning Britain, Coronation Street or another popular television show.

Rates for smaller digital channels start at around £50 to £150 off-peak. Rates for prime time slots go for anywhere between £3,000 and £250,000.

This is more than radio, but as the statistics show, the potential ROI is higher. Which is best for your marketing strategy depends on your business and your message. You may want to try both mediums and measure how effective they are.

The most expensive TV ad of all time is “The Film” (2004) by Chanel. It cost $33 million, almost as much as the full-length film it preceded! If that sounds ridiculous, Chanel literally made billions from it. Now that’s an impressive return.

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TV Commercials

Television audiences are undoubtedly the largest. The capacity to make an impact is immense. The visual appeal of this media, coupled with the credibility of being seen on the telly generates a massive response when scheduled appropriately.  TV advertising gives you the ability to expand your sales base and achieve ambitious goals. The benefits can be integrated into the rest of your marketing activity. 



The power of radio advertising is in the ability to attract new customers within a reasonable budget. Creating concise clear messages which contain all the vital information is an art form. Choosing where to broadcast them and scheduling effectively is not an exact science. Measuring the results is what gives us the satisfaction of a job done well.


Press Advertising

Depending on the readership, the design and copy should match the publication; whether that’s newspaper press, lifestyle magazines or trade journals. Consider press advertising as a stand-alone option or co-ordinate it with other media for better coverage and increase visibility. There’s no doubt that by choosing more than one media, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.


TV Advertising

Investing in TV advertising can reap generous rewards. For businesses which have reached a critical size and are looking to significantly increase their customer base, TV advertising is the ideal choice.  Our clients are frequently delighted with the increase in footfall, web traffic and telephone enquiries resulting directly from being seen on this media. We have over 25 years’ cre...

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Radio Advertising

The primary objective of radio advertising is to expand your market reach and build your brand with a wider target audience. Choosing radio as a route to creating a lasting impression is surprisingly less expensive than you think. The results speak for themselves as proof that it’s a worthwhile investment.   With many years of experience delivering compelling radio adverts for a w...

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Press Advertising

Choose the publications for your press advertising wisely to effectively reach an extensive share of your target audience. We will advise you on all aspects of the process, from adapting the design to match the style of the publication to effective placement scheduling around your campaign.  Regular advertising maintains steady footfall and introduces new customers. See our work for Firepl...

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