Online Presence

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The first place your customers will go to check you out is your website. As your shop front, it links all your advertising activity with your brand and tells the user what to do next. Digital presence takes a variety of forms. Let us plan and implement your digital strategy to make the most of your online influence.


More than half of all website views taking place on mobile devices. So it’s vital that your site is responsive as well as professional and easy to interpret. Our web designers create clean functionality which incorporates current trends. But they don’t believe in gimmicks which will cause your customers to click away.   


A website that can’t be found is like a shop with the shutters down. Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process of getting your website found. It should start with the development of your website. Our web designers work with our SEO experts who take over once the site is complete. As everyone is a specialist in their own field, you’ll get a combination of the best advice. SEO is a bit like electrical wiring. It can be added at a later stage, but some cosmetic changes may be required. 

Online Press Advertising 

More and more of us are reading the newspaper and periodicals online. Publications are reporting a continuing rise in online views and ‘click-through’s from their online press adverts. We negotiate the best deals for the widest coverage available for our clients.

Digitally Targeted Advertising

Placement of digital banner advertising is guided by cookie information provided by individual users. This means the digital advertising we develop on your behalf is highly targeted. In essence it reaches people who have shown an interest in a product range by actually searching for it. 



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