Press Advertising

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Well placed Press Adverts are proven to perform strongly for every pound spent. Many print publications enhance their reach with digital formats. Using the knowledge we have collated to adapt to current trends, we can help you can maximise the impact of your advertising budget.  

Choose the publications for your press advertising wisely to effectively reach an extensive share of your target audience. We will advise you on all aspects of the process, from adapting the design to match the style of the publication to effective placement scheduling around your campaign. 

Regular advertising maintains steady footfall and introduces new customers. See our work for Fireplace Studios.  Alternatively you may want us to organise an intense burst of activity to raise awareness of a particular event or promotion. 

Digital ad spend is growing year on year in conjunction with greater numbers of people reading the news on mobile or tablet devices. With our media contacts, we can negotiate the best deal for placing your adverts across the range of platforms. 

With our extensive experience of all means of publications, you can be assured the continuity of your branding and message will be retained throughout. As your representative, our objective is to make your adverts work for you in the most appropriate newspapers or magazine. We’re not tied to any media groups, so you won’t find us filling space which isn’t in your interest. 

Consider press advertising as a stand-alone option or co-ordinate it with other media for better coverage and increased visibility. There’s no doubt that by choosing more than one media, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.
Within your overall plan, average cost per thousand readers make press advertising good value and affordable.


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