Radio Advertising

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Radio advertising is an excellent choice for raising your company’s profile and driving listener traffic to make enquires. Using a media buying agency aids planning a campaign which targets your customer base accurately. We make sure coherent, appropriate and appealing messages reach the audience you want to influence.

The primary objective of radio advertising is to expand your market reach and build your brand with a wider target audience.

Choosing radio as a route to creating a lasting impression is surprisingly less expensive than you think. The results speak for themselves as proof that it’s a worthwhile investment.  

With many years of experience delivering compelling radio adverts for a wide range of companies, from furniture removals to hair extension specialists, we take care of everything. Listen to this advert we produced for Ibbotson Brady Solicitors.

From the initial stage of getting to understand your customers, we research the most appropriate stations to reach your target audience. You can be assured that we are totally independent and not tied to any station. Writing punchy scripts and working with producers to create memorable ads, we are with you throughout. We will advise you on suitable calls to action such as a whether a text response mechanism appropriate. 

With Avalon Media Services, you gain access to media buying power for the best rates. Local, regional or national station selection meets the needs of your unique campaign. Acting on your behalf, we can purchase flexible scheduling plans and we source airtime opportunities which may not be available to all.

No plan is complete without monitoring response rates and post-performance analysis determines ways to improve the campaign for future activity. We like it best when our clients view us as long term partners and an asset to their business growth.


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