• Rival your competition with an expert marketing strategy

    We will find the right marketing mix for your business and help you stand out from the crowd with a range of powerful, affordable solutions.

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  • Increase your reach and expand your audience

    Let our expert copywriters bring your brand to life and draw in customers wherever they are, however they are searching.

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  • Have the right audience flocking to your business

    From tailored video and TV commercials to press and radio campaigns, we will find the right audience at the right time.

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  • When it comes to marketing can you afford to wing it?

    From expert web design and online advertising to stylish print media and professional branding, we have got it covered. Get it right, get results.

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  • Want to swing for more customers?

    From getting your website Google-friendly to tailoring the perfect online advertising campaign, we will help you grow your business into something special.

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Why Avalon Media Services?


Full Service Marketing Agency - Media Services

With over 15 years of experience in helping businesses grow and get noticed, Avalon Media are dedicated to providing customers with the very best digital media solutions to achieve their marketing goals. Working closely with businesses, we help steer them toward success with bespoke solutions at affordable prices, not forgetting our dedication to unrivalled service quality. 

  • From concept to full execution and delivery, we’ll help you advertise on TV & Radio.
  • We can design and deliver editorials and eye-catching adverts for popular magazines.
  • Want your website to get found on Google? We’ll optimise it for you and make sure it gets found in all the right places by your target audience.
  • From everyday stationery to one-off bespoke items, we’ll design and brand anything you like.
  • Our expert copywriters can help shape your brand, develop your tone of voice and make a splash on social media. 


When John Wright approached Avalon Media Services, he had a vision making gyms more accessible.  He felt there was an unfulfilled need for busy people with limited time and disposable income who wanted to exercise on a budget.The market opportunity was to attract individuals not served by exclusive venues or rough and ready boxing



Media Advertising

From TV commercials and radio to press advertising, we’ll get your brand seen in relevant places and expand your reach as a business.

Online Presence

We can design and build a website that works flawlessly across a range of devices, and make sure it gets found by the right audience.

Design & Print

We can develop your brand or improve an existing one with expert design. From stationary to logos, we’ll give your business a unique identity.

Expert Copywriting

Great copywriting is what turns clicks into customers. Enhance your website with powerful calls to action and compelling copy.