Case Study

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Avalon Media Services has gained a great reputation for supreme quality and service within the Media sector. Managing Director Terry Horne started the company in 2000 with vision and purpose. His aim from the beginning was to provide the best Media Products available and combine them with unrivalled service.


When John Wright approached Avalon Media Services, he had a vision making gyms more accessible.  He felt there was an unfulfilled need for busy people with limited time and disposable income who wanted to exercise on a budget.The market opportunity was to attract individuals not served by exclusive venues or rough and ready boxing clubs. 

John’s idea was to open gyms in easily reached locations, amply stocked with a full range of training equipment and open long hours. The no frills ethos, he wanted to build a membership of people who were keen to get fit as part of their demanding daily or weekly routine. 

The Campaign

With the framework in place, he needed to create awareness and drive prospects to the Xercise4Less website. To control costs allowing low-cost membership, the website was the sole method of signing up. 

Avalon Media Services worked with John to understand his model and find the right channels to advertise each new location individually.

John’s letter of recommendation expresses his satisfaction with the resultant advertising campaigns which were instrumental in starting the business.

First Location; Wakefield

The initial campaign consisted of a mix of advertising in the local press integrated with local and regional radio commercials. Over a twelve week period, the adverts generated enough interest and response to demonstrate there was a market for the Xcercise4Less model in carefully chosen locations.

Second Venture; Stockton-on-Tees

Following the staggering success of the Leeds site, the second venue to be opened was in Stockton-On-Tees. Analysis of the local media availability gave rise to scheduling of a similar campaign to the one run in Wakefield.  

Over a twelve week period, new members were attracted via the media of local press and radio.  Once again, the operation resulted in sign-ups above and beyond targets.

Third Stage; Doncaster

The next location to be launched was Doncaster. On the advice of Avalon Media Services, this time, the chosen channel was ITV. This recommendation was made based on the cost per 1000 views working out more cost effective on television due to a demographically concentrated catchment area. 

The recommendation proved accurate, with over 700 new members signing up each week of the advert was aired – all driven to the Xercise4Less website.

Fourth Venue; Leeds

As Xercise4Less was going from strength to strength, a similar TV campaign was initiated for the fourth opening in Leeds. The excellent take up was repeated yet again. The ongoing success of this model has fuelled further expansion of the company across the country.

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